Built by Security Engineers

All with backgrounds as Software Engineers.

PurpleTeam-Labs have industry experience working in both Blue Teams and Red Teams. This gives us a unique (both sides of the fence) perspective on how your attackers think, along with the challenges you as a defender face daily. PurpleTeam is a combination of both Red and Blue teams working together distilled into a product that understands the security challenges you face daily.

  • Built by Blue Teamers
  • Built by Red Teamers
  • Understand Your Security Challenges

Dev Teams Struggling with Security?

Too Many Security Defects and Too Costly to Fix

Many organisations spend many thousands of dollars on security defect remediation of the software projects they create. Usually this effort is also performed late in the development life-cycle, often even after the code is considered done. This fact makes the remediation effort very costly and often too short. Because of this there are many bugs left in the software that get deployed to production.

Traditional Red Teaming Too Late

The bottom line with traditional penetration testing / Red Team exercises is that:

They're too late.

Cost Correlation to Time Detected

This results in the practise of finding and fixing security defects being too expensive due to the time it takes a Developer to first find the defective code, refamiliarise themselves with the logic, understand how to apply each fix without introducing new defects. Then manually retest.

Traditional Red Teaming? 86% Security Defects Left Not Fixed

Because it's so expensive, very few security defects actually get fixed. Often you're lucky if they even make it into a risk register.

Is this good enough for the users of your software?

PurpleTeam strikes at the very heart of this problem


Imagine if you could have the Red Team sitting with your Development and Operations Teams watching as they code, discovering security issues as they're created, at the cheapest place to find and fix. Studies have shown that this cost reduction is a factor of 10-25 times the cost of finding and fixing defects with traditional Red Teaming.

10-25 times the cost
100% of security defects fixed

Experience shows that only 14% of security defects found in a traditional Red Team exercise are actually fixed due to the remediation cost/effort. What if 100% of those security defects could be fixed?

Now imagine if you could automate the above process. Thus saving the cost of the actual Red Team as well.

saving the cost of the red team


Watches over your teams security

Watches over your Teams security as they code, alerting on security defects as they're introduced.

Coaches your team

Coaches your Team by gently showing them what security defects look like.

Explains how to fix

Explains how to fix these security defects and recognise them for the future.

No more writing tests

No more writing security tests. PurpleTeam is smart enough to know how to test.


Retests once you have been guided through applying the fixes.

Shows how to reproduce tests

Shows how to reproduce the tests manually.

You no longer have to kick the security can down the Product Backlog.
PurpleTeam makes understanding and fixing your security defects so easy.
You can fix your defects as they're introduced, in the current Sprint, today.

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