Welcome to the documentation for PurpleTeam!

  • Definitions

    Common terms used within the PurpleTeam project.

  • Quick Start

    The two main options for getting your System(s) under Test.

  • Next Steps

    Once you are comfortable with the basics, have worked through the Quick Start, have your first Job file configured, completed your first manual Test Run, and maybe started to add the PurpleTeam CLI to your build pipeline(s), continue with the Next Steps.

  • Cloud

    PurpleTeam cloud (BinaryMist) environment.

  • Local

    PurpleTeam local (OWASP) environment.

  • Job File

    Details on the Job File types and their schemas.

  • Log and Outcomes files

    Details of component log files and outcomes files.

  • Trouble Shooting

    Problems people have come across with solutions or workarounds.

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Changelog

    Changelogs for the purpleteam component projects.

  • Third Party sources

    Changelogs for the purpleteam component projects.